Sunday, November 30, 2008

LIFE Issues Five Tips for Selecting an Insurance Agent

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education issued five tips for selecting an insurance agent and mentions the importance of NAIFA's Code of Ethics.

Car insurance not always discounted when you have security

Motor Trader today reports that just because you have security devices fitted to your vehicle, you will not automatically get a discount on your car insurance.

Liability insurance survey results

Our survey on liability insurance in force at residential airparks provided some very interesting results.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

100% insurance cover = 60% claim settlement

Kamiya Jani, After working hard and saving up, Pradeep Vazirani bought his dream SUV, last year. He says after his wife, his only love is his car. To be on a safer side, he got his car fully insured.

Airline insurance premiums continue to fall as new capacity enters ...

... insurance and risk; employee compensation and pensions; human resource strategy planning; job design and change management; ...

15 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Quote

1. Shop around The difference in price between various companies can be significant. What one company may consider a high risk factor another company may not view as so important.

News - QA: Insurance and storm damage

Source: News - Q&A: Insurance and storm damage.

Kwik-Fit Insurance is mainly dedicated to different types of transport insurance. The site itself is divided into three major Sections. They are On The Road, At Home, and Travel. Each Section has subsections.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Crop insurance industry waits to see effects of new farm bill

AMES --- As the US Senate was debating the farm bill on the floor this past week, crop insurance agents were told during a conference here about ramifications for their industry.

Sport - Players demand insurance

Original article ‘Sport - Players demand insurance‘ Cheap cruise insurance travelcaptain Peter Mponda has said the lack of insurance is a major cause of concern for national team players.

Georgia auto insurance

Reader’s Question:. How do I register my car in Georgia? Tammy. Good Question. It is highly recommended to register a car in the state of Georgia before processing a driver’s license.

Insurance commissioner reassures drivers over competition plan

Associated Press - October 25, 2007 7:24 AM ET BOSTON (AP) - The state's top insurance official is promising drivers that their premiums won't skyrocket after managed competition is...

Whitetail Handbook: No-Fall Insurance

Scott asked us to post this short article, originally published in the September 2007 issue of the magazine, in response to the following question from reader Gina;. My new boyfriend is a big hunter and uses tree stands.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Insurance is a fracking racket

Yeah, I said fracking. My husband loves Battlestar Galactica, has watched it since the mini-movie or whatever the hell that was, and after some time, I picked up some of the lingo.

Crop Insurance What Do Agents Do

What do private agents do to earn their commissions?

Irish Government launches program to provide life insurance to ...

The Irish government on Thursday launched a program to provide life insurance, mortgage protection and travel insurance to people who contracted HIV or hepatitis C through contaminated blood products, Ireland's Evening Echo reports ...

Final report of the competition inquiry on the business insurance ...

On 25 September, the European Commission has adopted the final report of the competition inquiry on the business insurance sector.

Comment on Auto Insurance - When Should You Drop Collision and ...

Finishing the comment above: According the the Federal Highway Admin there are between 6 and 7 million collisions per year in the US. There are about 240 million passenger vehicles on the road.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Secret to cheaper insurance.

Dont be Confused Comparing insurance quotes. The only true way to save money is not paying commission to online comparison web sites. Take an hour and get your own quotes.

Village auto insurance

Village auto insurance I was browsing wikipedia the other day, and really thought to myself, geez, you know what would be kind of cool.. if I could make something exciting and have it be entered on the site. That would just be amazing.

Insurance Administration team Leader

This is a once in a life time opportunity for a team leader to work for one of Chichester's finest clients.

A Quick Guide On Where To Go For Payment Protection Insurance

Payment protection insurance is offered by all of the major high street banks and lenders these days, largely because they noticed that it was a highly profitable product that few people ever claimed on.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Quotes

Welcome to another informative page on our website providing you information on Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes. On this page we are presenting you with information on the deductibles.

Rant about town shopping and insurance

So I am in Cornwall and I want to go out and get a fresh Granary bread loaf. Parents in a huff spending half an hour with our car insurance.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dissed By Your Home Insurance Company?

That's the way some folks in southwest Florida feel. Citizens Insurance Company has sent out thousands of letters to policy holders with coastal property demanding that they prove their home is their primary residence.

What Are The Different Types Of Boat Insurance Available?

Author: Ian D. Major. When shopping for boat insurance, you may be surprised to find that there are different types of boat insurance policies available.

Full time grounds maintenance - insurance benefits

Posted By: Ed Date Posted: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 08:38:00 CDT Category: Employment City/State: Paducah, KY Phone: 270 556-2348 Bend of the Rivers condo association is looking to hire full time person for grounds and maintenance.

Freedom Isn't Free: Optimus Prime Hit With $236000 Insurance Premium

Saving the world from evil Decepticons isn't all it's cracked up to be. For one, the overheads are ridiculous.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Commercial Vehicle Insurance ...

Any business owner knows that you need insurance coverage for your commercial vehicles. But how do you know you are getting the right coverage for your companys needs?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

City May Seek Permit and Insurance for Many Kinds of Public ...

New York Times Some tourists, amateur photographers, even would-be filmmakers hoping to make it big on YouTube could soon be forced to obtain a city permit and $1 million in liability insurance before taking pictures or filming on city ...

Auto Insurance Background

Auto insurance is a form of insurance aiming to cover the insured party against losses related with owning or driving vehicles.

ACTION ALERT--OR HB 2918--Insurance Fairness for Children with ...

Fwd from feator_news yahoogroup. **Please share the message with other interested parents, families, friends and stakeholders!88 Insurance Fairness for Children with Disabilities Needs Your Help Now!

Pet Medical Insurance Quotes

I've been thinking about getting pet medical insurance. I worry about the health of my pets. I've noticed that a lot of pet health insurance web sites have free quotes.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Alternative Airlines have said that all passengers who have already booked flights through their web site will receive the offer of free Scheduled Service Airline Failure Insurance for their next trip booked.,guid,32705feb-84ba-45e2-9751-07c224313698.aspx

short-term insurance plan make it.......

Will purchasing a short-term insurance plan make it harder for me to get coverage in the future for a pre-existing medical condition? suggestions will be appreciated! thanks in advance.

Saving Money With Auto Insurance Quotes

How To Save Money With Auto Insurance Quotes. By James M Taylor. Auto Insurance Online Quote Advice. Getting an auto insurance online quote is one of the cheapest and quickest methods to obtain a car insurance quote.

Ten Reasons To Talk To Your Insurance Broker

General liability insurance. Product liability insurance. Malpractice liability insurance. Automobile liability insurance. Fire and theft insurance. Business interruption insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance.

What You May Not Know About Automobile Insurance

Perhaps the most commonly purchased type of insurance is automobile insurance, also called driver's insurance or car insurance.

Hey, There's Always Selling Insurance Or Used Cars

About 150 jobs at the Los Angeles Times are expected to be cut next week amid a recent earnings report from parent Tribune Co. that show slumping revenue, the paper reported.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Estimate Home Insurance Owner

estimate home insurance owner. Cheap Car Insurance RateThe World Wide Web can be a busy and crowded place when you are looking for good information on cheap car insurance rate . We have created a great shortcut.

Washington's Insurance Commissioner Gets It!

As regular readers of this blog know, I've been lobbying for better health insurance coverage in my home state of Washington, not just for people like me with expensive, chronic illnesses, but for the almost 600000 people in the state ...

The “Year of Health Care” – Reforms should serve consumers, not ...

By Richard Holober Executive Director Consumer Federation of California. Our system of private for-profit health insurance is a disaster for the uninsured and insured alike. Nearly seven million Californians lack health insurance.

Louisiana's Blanco says state won't mimic Florida insurance fix

This editorial in the Washington Post is on the money about Florida's recent insurance package pushed by Gov. Crist and passed by the Legislature.

Life and Health Insurance Industry commends federal Budget

OTTAWA, March 19 /CNW/ - The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) commends the federal government and Minister Flaherty for the 2007 federal Budget.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What do y'all think about the optional travel insurance?

Forum: Walt Disney World Resort Posted By: RunninDisney Post Time: 03-14-2007 at 12:54 PM.

Re: health insurance

<p>In Canada, the rate of tax paid is variable based on income. Therefore, those that make less, pay less. People in lower tax brackets are much.

New Car Cheap Insurance

new car cheap insurance. Calculator Car Cheap Insurance Loan MortgageOur website is designed for people who are involved in calculator car cheap insurance loan mortgage .

Life and hospital Insurance for 50 years

My father insured ne for hospital insurance when I was 18.

Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance

With gas prices heading higher each year, many people are looking for resourceful ways to save on fuel, such as taking the bus, the train, riding a bike or car-pooling to work.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

State to weigh insurance profiling

Rate quotes on Geico's Web site show that a 51-year-old engineer with a Ph.D ... He said customers are free to shop for another carrier. Geico's filing with ...

Term Life Insurance Policies

Term life insurance policies offer the most affordable option for life insurance coverage when operating under budget constraints.

Health Fair for Health Insurance Woes in La.

According to Wyoming's StarTribune, hundreds of people stood in line waiting in the cold for free health care at a health fair in eastern New Orleans for people without health insurance.

RV Insurance

Interested in thoughts/information/experiences on Good Sam vs AAA for RV trailer& towing vehicles coverage! Thanks!

Insurance Numbers

One thing to remember, when confronted with a problem, is to carefully examine whether or not there's actually a problem and what that problem might be.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Austin Radiological Association - Insurance Information

Austin Radiological Association (ARA) is a specialty health care organization, dedicated to providing quality imaging services in Central Texas.

Medical Malpractice - Missouri Department of Insurance

PoliticsNationwide links political leaders, public policy professionals and government to the American people.

Anyone have GEHA Insurance? Did they Cover HB? - MotheringDo

Anyone have GEHA Insurance? Did they Cover HB? Homebirth

About Office contents insurance online cover

About Office contents insurance online cover - explanations of the three office contents sections

BlogRunner: Health Insurance and Managed Care

News at Blog Speed -- BlogRunner tracks conversations across the blogosphere.

Waco, tx - insurance agents - life, health, car, home, healt

Waco, tx, Life Insurance, life, health, car, and life insurance agents, including Farmers, and Prudential agents

Travel Insurance, get a travel insurance quote - The AA

Get a great deal on Travel Insurance from the AA Team. Get the cover you need from the team you trust. Buy online or call us on 0845 092 0606 for instant cover.

Hostetler Insurance Associates, Inc. - Home - Auto - Farm -

Hostetler Insurance Associates, Inc. offers insurance for home, auto, church, farm, business and more. Located in Lancaster County, PA.

Title Insurance New Rochelle New York

Search Title Insurance in the YellowUSA New Rochelle, New York neighborhood. Internet Yellow Pages for Title Insurance in New Rochelle, NY.

Pet Insurance 2006

Pet insurance industry status and info on companies providing nationwide pet health or medical insurance for dogs and cats.